Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Favorite Video Game Music, #31: Cosmo Canyon

#31: Cosmo Canyon
Final Fantasy VII

I have sat here for ten minutes trying to come up with an adequate way to describe this music, and I'm giving up. It's awesome. There.

I am no big fan of anything Eastern. I don't watch anime, I don't listen to eastern music and I'm not interested in any eastern religions or disciplines. I'm aware, of course--I'd have to be blind and deaf not to be--that every RPG has a couple eastern-themed locales at the very least. (Even the bizarro EarthBound offers Dalaam.) Final Fantasy VII presents Wutai, of course, but before that Cosmo Canyon. It isn't exactly identifiably eastern, but it is vaguely so, or anyway strikes me that way. Very... communal. Spiritual. And the music is appropriate, and is awesome.

Red XIII's Theme is actually a different track on the FF7 soundtrack, but it's substantially the same as Cosmo Canyon's theme here. It's the one place in the going-to-technological-pot world of FF7 that's connected to nature and spirit and all that stuff and never gets wrecked by Shinra or Jenova or whoever. OK, one of the two places (Wutai). OK, one of the three places (Fort Condor). But still!

Also, this track gets bonus points for being one of the most natural tracks of all time to whistle along with. Even if you're never heard it before in your life, if you're not whistling along without even thinking about it by the second time through, you're tone-deaf. Or just deaf.

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