Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Test post

Check it out, dudes: just last month we got like 80 inquiries from high-wealth types looking for some of our prime juicy real estate.

We ought to accommodate them. Our real estate firms are chomping at the bit to sell them some land, but you know how rich folk are, always bitching about how there ought to be a, whatyacallit, doctor in the town they live in.

Yeah, but we put a hospital in here and they'll just move haphazardly right into the middle of the slums. That's the last damn thing I need, a line of rich morons at my office that moved into the slums and then want to bitch about the neighborhood.

So we bandied that about a little and decided the best way to deal with it would be to lay out some land for the rich folk, put a clinic in the middle of it, but not give it any ambulances. The rich snobs ought to like that, a medical clinic undefiled by filthy peasants. The peasants won't like it none too much, but since when do we care about peasants?

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